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One Piece 795 Luffy pretty much has an edge but Law never had a chance? In hindsight it's easy to say that, but if it weren't for Doflamingo's ingenuity, he would've been dead after the gamma knife, game set and match. Then we could say Law by far contributed the most to that fight if it had just ended there. It would've worked on pretty much anyone else at Doflamingo's level, provided they didn't find some other way to counter it like Doflamingo. Law has more than one oneshot ability in his arsenal thanks to his hax abilities. I'd say his gamma knife makes him comparable to Luffy. I would prefer it if Kid didn't cower in fear and we'd end up with a waste of a character who never amounted to anything for the guy who's supposed to be on Luffy and Law's level yet never ended up doing something. I'd be pretty disappointed if Kid was never successful at anything or ever ended up being worthy competition. He doesn't have to defeat Shanks outright with his alliance, just be worthwhile.
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I thought Law was a little bit under Luffy, and at the end of the day, I still think that. I don't mean it'd ever amount to anything that significant against Blackbeard. Just that they agree to cooperate, like X Drake and Kaido, and then when everything's said and done, Kid runs off like the punk he is to be a yonko or something and Blackbeard just decides to deal with him when he gets to him. I was also thinking Kid could straight up work under Blackbeard. Kid was the other highlighted, so like Law's heavy prominence in a saga that was competing with Luffy's, I now expect the same with Kid. I always thought he'd be the strongest competition, so whatever happens, I expect something in that regard. Removing everyone else from the equation, what would be wrong with Luffy fighting Shanks? They'd have a match where Luffy would prove himself. Luffy said he'd beat all four of the yonko, so if it came down to that, I'd totally be alright with it. If it does Kid and his character justice then I'd be alright with just a showdown. And Kid was created to be a pirate rival for Luffy that's active on Luffy's scale and a reoccurring foil I think. And I think Luffy, Blackbeard, Law, Kid, and maybe X Drake will be the strongest pirates of this age. Yes it doesn't have to be everyone but I think this follows the theme. I don't want all of Luffy pirate campaign to just be him knocking down the old guys, I'd like for Luffy's contemporaries to be active in this pirate age too. Law was evidently created with the intent of roping him in with Doflamingo's story. Oda could've done the same with Kid, maybe he even gave him a role that he had previously planned for another. We haven't seen Kid's potential as a character yet, so how can we tell that it would be of no merit? Just from our opinion before the stories that we've yet to see be told?

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